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Large Tree Removal

Tree Disposal
Tree Disposal

Some of these pieces are in excess of 1000 lbs.

Large Tree Removal
Large Tree Removal

Large or small , we have the equipment to do the job properly and safely.

Large Tree Removal
Large Tree Removal – This tree measured over 7 FEET across!

Mark reducing the size of the tree to manageable portions for removal. Note the hollow sections of trunk where carpenter ants have resided.

Massive Trunk
Massive Trunk

Another shot of Mark reducing the tree. Notice the hollow trunk at the back where the ants have chewed out the centre. The hollow centres can compromise the structural integrity of a large tree which can be extremely dangerous during high winds during a storm. A tree of this size can easily crush a house or vehicle.

IMG_0969 IMG_0966 IMG_0968

Tall Tree Removal

Tall Tree Close to House
Tall Tree Close to House

Rileys Tree Sevices is well prepared to handle very tall trees in close proximity to homes and businesses.

Large Tree removal with craneA crane was used to catch and direct the tree sections away from the building.

Tall tree climb
Out on a Limb… literally!

Tall trees require a specialized skill set and equipment to climb.

Very tall tree climb
100 Feet Plus, Riley’s tree crew at top of tree

Most Urban trees must be cut down in sections. In many cases it is not possible and dangerous to drop a full height tree in tight spaces.

Tree Removal Professors Lake
Tall Tree with Mark overlooking Professors Lake

IMG_1869 IMG_1870

Tree Bucket and Crane Service

Tall tree close to house.

Bucket truck used to remove this tree close to the house.
See Video

Tree shown with branches removed

Tree was reduced in sections and lowered to ground.

Bucket Truck removal near hydro and other wire services


Awkward access made easy with the bucket truck

The bucket truck allows access to areas that are difficult prune  pruning and removals.


Crane services are used for heavy and awkward removals


Awkward Tree Removal

Awkward tree removal.
No equipment access to back yard.

A crane was needed to hoist the large tree sections from storm damage off the house. The crane also facilitated  removing the tree in larger sections from the rear of the home.

Tree crane lift over house

tree through the house,
Through the House!

This house had no side or rear access. This job required the crew to carry all the tree parts through the house!