Tree Bucket and Crane Service

Tall tree close to house.

Bucket truck used to remove this tree close to the house.
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Tree shown with branches removed

Tree was reduced in sections and lowered to ground.

Bucket Truck removal near hydro and other wire services


Awkward access made easy with the bucket truck

The bucket truck allows access to areas that are difficult prune  pruning and removals.


Crane services are used for heavy and awkward removals


Awkward Tree Removal

Awkward tree removal.
No equipment access to back yard.

A crane was needed to hoist the large tree sections from storm damage off the house. The crane also facilitated  removing the tree in larger sections from the rear of the home.

Tree crane lift over house

tree through the house,
Through the House!

This house had no side or rear access. This job required the crew to carry all the tree parts through the house!